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On this page, you will find interesting Horizon Europe Calls with a deadline within the next 6 months. These calls are in our special focus. Here we have profound information and an established network of contacts. WIth these we can help you prepare a consortium, if you need.


Are you interested in a call? Do you need more information? Are you already preparing a proposal? We support you! Just give us a call or write an e-mail to:

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EIC Accelerator


23.03.2022/15.06.2022/05.10.2022 Stage 2

23.03.2022/15.06.2022/05.10.2022 Stage 2

23.03.2022/15.06.2022/05.10.2022 Stage 2


Please note that you can only apply for Stage 2 after successfully applying for stage 1. There are no deadlines for stage 1 and you can apply continuously for it.

Contacts and references

Dr. Katharina Sabellek
EU Cooperations
Telefon: +49 151 678 22 690

Stephan Junker
EU Cooperations & Financial Expert
Telefon: +49 151 15171595

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