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We successfully realize project funding
Eurogrant is your competent partner for projects to be funded by Horizon Europe, and for your German national or regional programmes

Dr. Katharina Sabellek

"My passion is holding connections together, pulling strings, readjusting positions to get optimal results. As a consultant and project manager in the area of ​​funded research projects, I can use these qualities in a targeted manner.

After my doctorate in 2010, I found such a position. Since then I have been working very successfully with scientists and entrepreneurs on the application for European funding and their optimal use in the project."

Stephan Junker

"I work: constructive, effective, well thought-out. My specialty is the regulations of the European funding landscape. I combine these qualities with a great joy in communication. That's why I found my calling at Eurogrant.

Since 2014 I have been able to exercise my talent here, work with people, implement creative ideas and develop successful projects."


  • You have a great idea for a project?

  • And you are looking for possible public funding?

  • Do you still need national (German) or international partners?

  • You rather wish to focus on the scientific or technological part of your project and avoid the "paperwork"?


We will help you! 

Our service

We split our services in three categories

  • Consulting for finding the optimal funding opportunity including a funding check, adjusting ideas and optimizing your funded project.

  • Project management including proposal preparation and proposal writing as well as the grant coordination of the winning project.

  • Dissemination and communication activities of your project.

Funding programmes

In EU projects one of the most important tasks, beside the innovation activities, is the dissemination and communication of results. We support you by providing services and infrastructures to handle these activities in an effective and timely manner, adapted on the needs of a research and development project funded by the European Commission.

We will guide you!


We'd love to hear from you

+49 151 678 226 90 

OR +49 151 151 715 95

Our home base

Eurogrant GmbH
Bayrische Straße 8

c/o Impact Hub
01069 Dresden


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