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Horizon Europe Work Programme 2023-2024

New chances!

The Work Programmes 2023-2024 is already published and all Calls and Topics will be available during the coming days.

Please check the key documents under:

If you have an project idea and you are looking for a funding opportunity, please come back to us, we will be happy to find the most fitting Topic for you!

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Wir sind ein inhabergeführtes Beratungsunternehmen, das sich auf die Unterstützung bei der Beantragung und Durchführung von geförderten F&E-Projekten spezialisiert hat. Der Fokus liegt dabei vor allem

The EC adopted the new work programme 2023 of the European Innovation Council (EIC) with over €1.6 billion for breakthrough innovators to scale up and create new markets. The new deadlines (so called

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